An announcement for genuine seekers only

There is a SECRET Order that teaches the Sublime Occult Mysteries. Many make such claims—few possess the ability to fulfil them. Nevertheless, the Ancient Holy Mysteries have been re-established in order that GENUINE seekers may find the TRUE LIGHT.

Only students who are sincerely interested and prepared to work with determination and devotion for many years will be accepted. In his endeavours the Student will find no glamour and no personal contacts, and "mystery-mongers" and "thrill-seekers" will waste their time making enquiry.

If you REALLY want to study the Ancient Teachings in their entirety as never before revealed, then write a letter clearly and fully explaining your reasons for wishing to make contact with this Secret Order. Then email it as an attachment to the address below.


DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR LETTER IN THE BODY OF YOUR EMAIL. If you do it will be automatically REJECTED. You must send it as an attachment in one of the following formats ONLY:

Microsoft Word 97 or 2003
PDF version 1.3 or 1.5.
Rich Text Format (RTF)

If you do not supply your full name and address (including ZIP/Postcode) clearly written in BLOCK CAPITALS or attach a letter fully and clearly explaining your reasons for wishing to study with this School we will not be able to action your request. Please note that only a limited number of vacancies for Students are available each month.


We deeply regret that we are unable to accept Students from certain countries due to unreliable mail services. Please DO NOT write to us if you reside in any of the following countries:

All countries in Central and South America
Africa (including South Africa)
China (PRC), Republic of Korea

To those who hesitate upon the Path to the Light

There is a reason why this webpage is plain, simple and unadorned. It is because the Sublime Occult Mysteries are plain, simple and unadorned. Complexity is ever the enemy of Truth, both in Spiritual Teachings and in life in general. Do not let the troubles of earthly life, nor the opinions of others, however well-meaning, neither the doubts which beset the mind from within and without at times, deter you from finding the TRUE LIGHT which beckons the genuine seeker Home.

There is also a reason why the only image on this webpage is a Golden Cross. For the Cross is one of the grandest and most profound of all Occult symbols which belongs to all Mankind and not only to the Christian Church as some suppose. You can read more about the Symbolism of the Cross in a little-known book called The Golden Star by J Michaud PhD, from which the short extract below has been taken.


"The active Logos is represented by the cross with arms of equal length. It has been used at all times in all parts of the world and is still used today by the members of the Secret Order. Great power flows through this Sign; it may flow from one person to another; or from on High when a genuine seeker makes the sign upon himself. It helps him to remember that when the Name of God is invoked no evil shall befall us. In this way it becomes a kind of miniature creed, for as we touch in succession the forehead, the solar plexus, the left shoulder and finally the right shoulder, we remember that all the Holy Messengers came down from the Father to the earth-plane; that they descended from earth to the lower Astral World (the left-hand path), and proceeded from there to the right-hand of the Father in Heaven; there to dwell in glory for ever.

"It is well to use this sign often, for a man is sometimes forgetful of the protection he derives from dwelling upon the ideal worlds of God, which aids him to drive away all unwholesome thoughts and influences, especially when he is tempted to give way to irritation, or selfish and other undesirable thoughts. The man whose mind dwells always on the higher levels may not need these reminders; but there are very few such men, and the average person will receive much help from this small ceremonial action, which will drive away all unpleasant influences and retain all that is good.

"Each time we feel that we have lost touch, for the time being, with the utter love, peace, understanding and unity of the Father, we should make the Holy Sign of the Cross, and ask the Lord to turn to us again and give us His protection and guidance. When reading the sacred and holy books we should make the sign of the Cross three times, and thus dedicate our mind, lips and heart to the work of spreading the Truth, and at the same time open up the three centres of the forehead, throat and breast to the holy influence which is about to be poured out. In this way the Holy Writings become centres of Force, surrounded by an aura of reverential and grateful thought, which will stimulate the mental and spiritual faculties. If before opening such a book we make the sign of the Cross upon it, we will unlock the door of the treasure house from which Occult Knowledge and Truth will flow and enter our being. It will bring the lower self into harmony with the higher, and thus it aids the work of the Master within, in that he can now pour out the vials of Wisdom upon the thirsting mind, seeking union with the Soul, which leads to God's Domains. After study of the Holy Writings, a final sign of the Cross should be made, which will produce a general intensification of the work done, and strengthen the link between Mind and Soul."

Adapted from Vision Seven of The Golden Star by J Michaud PhD.